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All Sumax Products & Services are Proudly made in the USA

Watch the Sumax Baggster w/ DVS Video


Watch the
Sumax Softail Bagger
w/ DVS Video


Watch the Sumax Softail Rubbermount Chopper w/ DVS Video


Watch the Sumax Engravers Revenge w/ DVS Video


Top of pg video

Watch the Sumax Street
Sweeper w/ DVS Video


We do all our own tooling, molds and production in house. This gives us total quality control from concept to final product. Two of our larger customers for many years are Arlen Ness and SS Custom Cycle.

Mold Library 001

Mold Library

Open Mold area

Sumax Open Mold Area Creating Molds from Tooling in Foreground

Glass finishing area

Sumax Glass Finishing Area

Finishing Assembly Glass

Sumax Finishing Assembly Area for Glass Products

New Radiator Cover

Let's make a New Radiator Cover - Chin Scoop

Chin scoop almost there

Chin Scoop almost there

Radiator chin cover

Fitting the New Radiator Cover - Chin Scoop. Note neck cover.

Radiator Cover

Fitting the Finished Radiator Cover

Mold for New Parts

Molds for Some New Parts

Nacelle for SS Custom Cycle

A New Nacelle for SS Custom Cycle

Making a plate

Making a Plate for the Top of the Nacel

Tooling for new mold

Tooling for New Molds

New opposite side cover

New Opposite Side Cover

New side cover

New Side Cover

Side cover

Side Cover

Neck cover

Neck Cover

Dyna 049
OEMness 1
OEMness 2
Dyna 046


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