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All Sumax Products & Services are Proudly made in the USA

Watch the Sumax Baggster w/ DVS Video


Watch the
Sumax Softail Bagger
w/ DVS Video


Watch the Sumax Softail Rubbermount Chopper w/ DVS Video


Watch the Sumax Engravers Revenge w/ DVS Video


Top of pg video

Watch the Sumax Street
Sweeper w/ DVS Video


We are known as the Company by which all other powder coaters are judged. No one can match our quality. Dealers from the U.S. & Europe send us motorcycle parts to coat. You may have seen our work on tv during the OCC shows. Pro Charger's super chargers for all vehicles are coated here. Other prestigious clients include Disney, MGM & NBC.

Prep Area

Sumax Prep Area for Powdercoating

Preheat Oven

Sumax Preheat Oven

Powder Booth

Looking thru Powder Booth to Walk-in Oven

Lrg Walkin Oven

Large Walk-in Oven

ProCharger Parts

Receiving Pro Charger Parts for Powdercoating

Media Blast Cabinet

Plastic Media Blast Cabinet

Phosphate Etch

All Parts Get a Phosphate Etch for Better Adhesion of Powder & Eliminating Future Rust


Proper Masking Technique

Heads & Cylinders

Head & Cylinders Lined Up Ready for Masking

Sumax mask and staging for Powder.jpg

Sumax Mask & Staging for Powder

Heads & Cylinders

Heads and Cylinders Ready for Powder

Pro Charger Parts

Properly Prepped Pro Charger Parts Ready to Shoot

State of the Art Equip

Using the Latest State-of-the-Art Equipment

Finishing Area

Sumax Finishing Area for Powder

Saddlebag Brackets

Saddle Bag Brackets

Large Panels

Large Panels

Purple Ears

Disney Mouse Ears - Purple Sparkle

Green Ears

Disney 5th Ave Store NYC - Green Sparkle

Red Spargle

Disney's 5th Ave NYC - Red Sparkle


Purple Sparkle

Disney - Purple Sparkle



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122 Clear Road, Oriskany, NY 13424 USA
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