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All Sumax Products & Services are Proudly made in the USA

Watch the Sumax Baggster w/ DVS Video


Watch the
Sumax Softail Bagger
w/ DVS Video


Watch the Sumax Softail Rubbermount Chopper w/ DVS Video


Watch the Sumax Engravers Revenge w/ DVS Video


Top of pg video

Watch the Sumax Street
Sweeper w/ DVS Video


Twenty years ago we help set the world's record for the Fastest Harley Davidson with our Taylor wires. The record still stands today! See our name just below the cockpit.

Sumax / Taylor Spark Plug Wires


Please click on a category below for fitment and pricing info:

New Cloth Wires for that Classic Look

Universal Cloth Pix

Classic Cloth

Classic Thunder Braided Cloth Wires



Triumph Wires

Triumph Wires


victory wires

Victory Wires



Best Bang for the Buck


StreeThunder Wires


Best in Class

8MM Custom Wires

Pro 8MM Custom Fit Sets

Best in Class


Pro 8MM Universal Wire Sets

Best in Class

409 Series

"409" Pro Sets "Fat Wires"


Best Braided

8MM Stainless Braided

Pro 8MM Stainless Braided


9MM Gun Wire

9MM Gun Wires

Best Selling

Thundervolt 8.2MM

ThunderVolt 8.2MM Wires


Absolute Best

Thundervolt 10.4MM

ThunderVolt 10.4MM Wires


Street 500

Street Rod 500 / 750

Buy Spark Plug Wires & Battery Cables...
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