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All Sumax Products & Services are Proudly made in the USA

Watch the Sumax Baggster w/ DVS Video


Watch the
Sumax Softail Bagger
w/ DVS Video


Watch the Sumax Softail Rubbermount Chopper w/ DVS Video


Watch the Sumax Engravers Revenge w/ DVS Video


Top of pg video

Watch the Sumax Street
Sweeper w/ DVS Video

Twin Cam / Fat Head & Milwaukee 8 Motors

Twin Cam Black 1
Detailed masking and cleaning makes reassembly easy!


Part Name
Motor Case "A" $654.00
Motor Case "B" $741.00
Nose Cone $117.00
Lifter Blocks (Pair) $117.00
Rocker Boxes (Each) $63.00
Inner Primary $202.00
Outer Primary $217.00
Inspection Cover $37.00
Derby Cover $50.00
Tranny (Solid Mount) $308.00
Tranny (Rubber Mount) $350.00
Tranny (Road King) $364.00
Tranny End Cover $103.00
Tranny Top Cover $103.00
Tranny Trap Door $69.00
Tranny Plate $74.00
Oil Pan Dyna $74.00
Oil Pan Road King $100.00
Heads (Pair)
Paint Only $363.00
Hi-Lite & Paint $682.00


Cylinders (Pair)
Paint Only $318.00
Hi-Lite & Paint $609.00


OCC 006


Two Tone Heads & Cylinders

OCC Stuff 030
Web 2
Yankee 007
Liberty 11

Sumax offers a variety of "in-house" colors which we stock here at our location. If you have a custom job that needs a specific color to suit your needs you can visit Prismatic Powders at the link below to view a large variety of colors, and request samples. If you choose to use a non "in-house" color there will be an additonal charge for the cost of powder + shipping.

Prismatic Powder Colors


Note: Prices are subject to change, Candy & Metallic Colors add 10%. Strip Charge may apply when required. All bearing, valves & cylinder studs must be removed by customer. Those parts not removed will be professionally removed at our local Harley dealer. These costs will be invoiced to customer.

Click the link below for our easy to use Packing List for sending in your parts:

Sumax Powdercoating Packing List




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