Powder Coating Indian Parts

Please see below for prices of our powder coating services

Part NamePrice
Pair of Heads$363.00
Pair of Cylinders$318.00
Pair of Highlighted Heads$598.00
Pair of Highlighted Cylinders$523.00
Rocker Box Tops$63.00
Highlighted Rocker Box Tops $93.00
Motor Case$741.00
Lifter Block Cover (pair)$118.00
Push Rod Tube Cover Set$129.00
A.C. Cover$125.00
Inner Primary$179.00
Outer Primary$139.00
Inspection Cover$49.00
Derby Cover$59.00
Nose Cone$129.00
Coil Horn Cover$68.00


Sumax offers a variety of "in-house" colors which we stock here at our location. If you have a custom job that needs a specific color to suit your needs you can visit Prismatic Powders at the link below to view a large variety of colors, and request samples. If you choose to use a non "in-house" color there will be an additonal charge for the cost of powder + shipping.

Packing List

Click the link below for our easy to use Packing List for sending in your parts:

A Little History

Back in the early 1980’s the way we would put color on to metal was by anodizing. It had its limitations. You could only use aluminum billet. Casting was out due to the molecular structure. Motor heat and sunlight would fade the colors. Powdercoating was just beginning to be used as an environmentally friendly industrial finish. It was durable but had a rough orange peel finish. In 1987 I purchased a new powder gun and began experimenting. Sumax would be the first company to specialize in powdercoating motorcycle parts. We continue to work closely with powder manufacturers to develop powders that when properly applied result in a glass like finish that dissipates heat and retains their deep rich hues. Our competent staff takes pride in prepping, masking and packing your parts. Our high end work continually graces magazine covers and has appeared in many TV shows. In addition to motorcycle parts we do work for clients that demand a truly outstanding finish. Our client list includes Disney, MGM, the Smithsonian Institute, NBC Studios, Caesar's Palace and Eversan Score Boards. It is the finish that sells the product. How can we help you? Call us at 315.768.1058.

Note: Prices are subject to change, Candy & Metallic Colors add 10%. Strip Charge may apply when required. All bearing, valves & cylinder studs must be removed by customer. Those parts not removed will be professionally removed at our local Harley dealer. These costs will be invoiced to customer.

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