Rumors Run Amuck. Here are the Facts.

Thousands of people with bead-blasted engines are riding around out there and having no problem, but S&S’s concerns and stance on bead-blasting – powder coating, polishing and chrome plating, too – are understandable. Glass-bead residue can go anywhere that’s not completely masked off. Multiple thorough cleanings with bore brushes and high-pressure air and water should get rid of the residue unless some happens to attach itself to a bit of sticky oil, sealant, or whatever. Not all mechanics are as thorough as they could be when cleaning engine parts before assembly. No parts manufacturer would accept responsibility for someone else’s negligence. Two potential problems exist with powder coating. First, parts are usually abrasive-blasted before coating. Second, the temperatures required to cure powder can be high enough to change the physical properties of treated aluminum, or at least high enough to alter the fit of value seats, guides, and other critical parts. The objection to polishing and plating by unknown sources is that polishing compound residues are abrasive, and careless polishers sometimes alter precision machined surfaces. Experienced platers and powder coaters such as Sumax have long since mastered these issues, but that’s why engine and parts manufacturers sometimes void warranties on their parts that are in any way modified by an outside source.

No, the chrome must be stripped off. We have a company that can do this but it is not cheap.

No, they get too hot. Only option is a ceramic coat that can crack easily. This cannot be done over chrome.


Yes, we just coat the exterior of the shields.

1 year under "normal situations". Abnormal: Motor not set up right and running way too hot.

High Gloss, Mid Gloss, Flat & Texture Black.

See our link to Prismatic Powders who will send you free samples to choose from. We will only charge you our cost of the powder.


We powder coat here. We then can drop ship your parts to them. They will invoice you separately.

This varies depending on the Season. Call us for current lead times.

Both are High Quality made in the U.S.A. wires compared to your stock wires from China. All wires fire intermittently no matter what coil or ignition even our 8MM. Our Thundervolt wires have a steady stream of fire power, cleaning your plugs as you ride. This results in easier starting, more H.P. and more SMiles per Gallon.

Big Inch High Compression Motors that are hard starting can benefit from our 2 Ga. Extreme Duty Battery Cables by transferring the spark more efficiently.



Better transfer of spark making the bike start easier and run better.

Yes, but you must get the stock Softail Fender Rail Covers.

If turn signals are off your fender rails, yes. If they are off your license plate frame, no need to relocate.

Easy, see Dealer button to fill out a form. If you are a Harley dealer or approved Drag dealer mention it for quicker approval.

They ship by Priority Mail for 2-3 day delivery.

Very easy. We give you adhesive that does not set up quick allowing you to do a section at a time. Computerized fit for a professional look and feel. No more wrapping your items in towels so they don't rattle.

Yes we do. We also have distributors in Canada, Australia, and Europe sometimes making it easier and quicker to purchase.

In 2018 it is our 35th year so we must be doing something right!