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Saddle bag brackets for Harley Davidson Softail

How to install Sumax saddle bag brackets on a Harley Softail in a few easy steps

January 11, 2019

 Get Bike on Lift. Note how we need more clearance between Saddle Bag Brackets and Exhaust Plenty of clearance with Bassani 2 into 1 exhaust Sumax Saddle Bag Brackets attach two places on the fender rails and one behind the rear pegs Horizontal Support Brackets ties the two sides together giving more support. This hides…

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Harley Davidson Hard Saddle bag lining kit by Sumax

How to Install our Luxurious Lining Kits for Harley Davidson Hard Saddlebags

January 4, 2019

Before attempting to install these, please detach hard bags from your bike and clean interior. Step 1. Remove lids with hinge attached to lid. Step 2. Remove rubber grommets but leave bracket on.   Step 3. See inside of lining. Smooth out seams, they will disappear when installation is complete. Step 4. Position lining in…

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Powder coating motorcycles Syracuse NY Chopper FXRST

How to install your saddle bags on Sumax brackets

December 21, 2018

Sumax Saddle Bag Brackets for Softail, Dyna, Sportster and FXR Models We get a lot of questions from you guys about the process of installing hard saddle bags to Sumax Saddle Bag Brackets. In an effort to make the installation easier and more fun for everyone we’re posting detailed instructions together with a video that…

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9mm Gun Spark Plug Wires for Harley Davidson Motorcycles


December 10, 2018

9MM FIRE POWER by Taylor/Sumax PACK SOME HEAT with our new 9 MM Firepower spark plug wires. Black wires feature Silver 9MM Gun Boots. These are the hottest wires on the market today. All wires fire intermittently no matter what coil or ignition you may have. That is why you see carbon on your plugs.…

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Thundervolt50 8.2MM Harley Davidson spark plug wire

Wake Up Your Bike… Put some Fire in the Hole!

November 21, 2018

New Thundervolt50 8.2mm Sumax Taylor Spark Plug Wires unload spark plugs for easier starts. Spark plug wire core technology has always fired intermittently resulting in carboned plugs. New Taylor core technology has a constant spark that cleans your plugs while you ride. You get a stronger running motor with better gas mileage (averaging 3 mpg).…

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Powder Coating Pro Street Harley Davidson

Full Fender Pro Street Harley Davidson

October 16, 2018

Pro Street frames were the rage years ago. The seat height was lower than what was offered by Harley Davidson® at the time. This frame was usually combined with short Bobber like fenders. I thought it might be very cool to give it a set of our Street Sweeper fenders. The color combination was that…

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Motorcycle racing spark plug wires

Sumax Racing Heritage

September 26, 2018

Before Kirk started Sumax 35 years ago he freelanced as a photo journalist for several magazines: Hot Bike, Street Chopper, Super Cycle, Iron Horse and Easyriders. Many the events he covered were devoted to racing. He was able to meet and become good friends with many of the racers. Taylor was well known in the…

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Baby Blue Fat Boy Looking Sportster

Rubbermount Softail Sportsters

September 10, 2018

Harley Davidson® never made such a motorcycle, but we did!   Back in the 1990’s we were making rubber mount frames for Sportsters and Big Twins.  This would almost eliminate the vibration Harley’s were know for. Kirk made four different motorcycles with four different looks. Each one would show off our Mono Chromatic look with…

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Kirk’s Honda 305 Scrambler received a pair of small Ape hangers, cut off muffler replaced by “snuff or nots” along with a new paint job. Next is a 1975 Harley Sportster with an extended front end & king queen seat. This was radically changed with a Corbin Gentry frame, gas tank, Girder front end, Mag wheels and custom paint.

Sumax, the Original Powder Coating Company

August 16, 2018

Our goal here is to bring you interesting facts and stories about Sumax for the past 35 years. Powder Coating Back in the early 1980’s the way we would put color on to metal was by anodizing. It had its limitations. You could only use aluminum billet. Casting was out due to the molecular structure. Furthermore, motor heat and sunlight would…

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