Policies and Warranties

All Spark Plug Wires and Battery Cables

Lifetime Warranty
Return the wires or cables for a replacement set.

All Saddle Bag Liner Kits

30 day Return Policy if NOT Installed

All Saddle Bag Brackets

One year warranty against breakage if properly installed. All brackets must use Horizontal Support Brackets (8810, 8810A). If not properly installed warranty is void.
Call for Return Authorization and show proof of correct installation with pictures.

All Powdercoating Services

Customer is responsible for correct Color Choice. Prismatic will supply customerwith free color sample for approval.
Motors must be free of valves, bearings and other internals. If not we will have our local Harley Davidson dealer, Utica H.D., properly remove them at customer's expense. You will be notified for your approval.
Some metal's surfaces will not accept powder due to their poor condition. You will be notified of this prior to us coating your parts.

One year Limited Warranty:

Sumax is not responsible for colors fading due to excessive motor heat.
Not happy for any reason? Return parts we have powder coated. We will strip the powder off and clean them prior to return with credit due. If you want to replace the color with a different color there will be a charge for this. No credit will be issued unless we have a chance to make good the coating or remove it.

You must return the parts to receive any credit.