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Outstanding Professional Assistance

Hello Karyn, Good Morning and Thank You!
Sumax, accompanied by your Outstanding Professional Assistance, provided the excellent "Primping" of the engine covers, rocker boxes and such with "Black Jack Powder" and Lookin' Good! Way To Go Girl! ūüėČ Engine re-assembled, installed and some frame modification/fabrication by Rick's Cycle Parts! Not intended to be a "Show Bike"...however one helluva "Road Dawg!"
Again Karyn, Thank You!

Chopper Ed, February 22nd, 2019


Industrial Powder coating

Powder coated my old, rusty cabinet pulls. They didn't even look this good when I first bought them!! Professional and friendly staff, impeccable service!
Thank you guys!

Lloyd, November 7, 2018

ThunderVolt 10.4mm High Performance Spark Plug Wires

Good news is this wire set turned my bike into a whole new animal! Noticeable real feel acceleration and quick starts! Thanks so much!!!

Rich, October 15, 2018


So the stars aligned and we were able to finally install the saddlebag brackets on the 2018 Softail Deluxe.  Our customer went with the Bassani 2-into-1.  You will see all of this from the pictures. All and all, great kit as always.  Add another happy customer to your list!

Thank you,

Glen Piazza, Parts Manager

Schaeffer's Harley-Davidson. October 15, 2018


Well worth every penny spent!

I own and operate Motorcycle Medic.
I will only use Sumax powder and will only use Taylor plug wires and battery cables! Their  undisputed reliability of their services and products is the best!
Kevin Boyle, August 22, 2018


Great Quality Plug Wires That Won't Break the Bank!

The red wires really provide a cool contrast to my black denim Street Bob. A lot of great reviews on these wires. Just went on 100-mile trip...easy start-up's even in early a.m. After couple thousand miles I'll check the plugs for any carbon residue.

Don F. April 28, 2017


They look great and fit great

I had to get new wires because of a squirrel or rat or some sort of critter ate my old ones on my Night Train. They look great and fit great. The long one could be ¬ľ to ¬Ĺ in. shorter. The bike runs perfect. Two minute installation.

Darwin S. May 8, 2016


These fit great and look great

These fit great and look great. Got a lot of compliments. On a 2012 Heritage. For some reason the red wires were listed as they would not fit, but every other color did. So I ordered them anyways and of course they fit perfect.

Willon August 8, 2017


Best wires on the market. Quality and Value

Wow. What a major difference on my Harley. Like night and day. Thank you for the high quality and fast shipping.

Quikdraw on June 5, 2015


Five stars!

Gave my HD FXDC more pep for it's step.

Jonathan Surprise on April 23, 2016




AJ ADAMKIEWICZ II on March 10, 2015


Five Stars

What I expected, when I expected it. All is good!

Chuck Leboon February 3, 2017


Five Stars

Best wires i have used to date

Irie Manon January 2, 2016


"Your wires made my bike start a lot easier, better performance and better spark for top end. When starting my bike with your wires on it the bike jumped upward, so now this is one of the reasons I am going back to the ThunderVolt50 10.4. Thanks!"

Charles Clements July 29, 2009


The Absolute Best Battery Cables you can buy!

Thanks alot!,... By the way, I got your battery cables a couple of days ago, and let me tell you,...hats off to you folks! I have a hot 95ci TC that has caused me all kinds of starting problems, and I was running a competitor's set of cables,...but oh how I realized that they were the culprit that was robbing my starter of  cranking power. After I installed your Extreme Duty cables it turns over like a stock compression motor now!!!

Jeff Thomas


Just wanted to report to you,...

"I purchased the 2 gauge cables  because my bike was cranking slower than expected after periods of week storage. I was hoping the cable would help put more juice from battery to starter. It did. What I didn't expect was while riding, the charging seems to be a lot stronger too. So after a ride, the bike starts noticeably stronger than before. I haven't changed the battery . I don't think I'll have to with the 2 gauge cables."