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Sumax Saddle Bag Brackets for Dyna Harley Davidson® Models

Sumax Saddle Bag Brackets for Dyna Harley Davidson® Models

SUMAX’S extensive range of hard bag options has now expanded with the introduction of brackets for ALL Dyna models.  The brackets are powder coated black by Sumax and feature 1/4-turn quick disconnects with Dzus fasteners like those found on all H-D Touring models. These connectors allow the brackets to be used with either H-D hard or soft bags, 1993 and newer. Solid Mount Sissy Bars and Luggage Racks will also work with our Brackets. To mount our brackets using detachables, please select our part #8814, 15 or 17 ending in “D”.

DynaD Brackets will accept detachables

DynaD Brackets will accept detachables

Distance from fender rail bolts to bottom of the bag is 13.5″ which is needed for clearance. The brackets mount just  to the rear of the shocks for passenger comfort. (If the bags were more forward the passengers legs would hit the bags trying to find the pegs.) Our mounting system will work with the Switchback model. 

Note: Due to increased shipping costs we no longer sell these overseas. For our customers in Europe, brackets are available for purchase through Zodiac, or in Asia through Parts Max!

Saddle Bag Brackets installation instructions

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