9MM FIRE POWER by Taylor/Sumax

PACK SOME HEAT with our new 9 MM Firepower spark plug wires.

Black wires feature Silver 9MM Gun Boots. These are the hottest wires on the market today. All wires fire intermittently no matter what coil or ignition you may have. That is why you see carbon on your plugs. Our 9MM Firepower wires provide a solid stream of fire power eliminating the carbon on your plugs. This results in more horsepower, more torque and better mileage. Your bike will start and run better than ever before! They are compatible with all Harley ignition systems. You have a choice of a Custom Fit Sets for your Harley model or Universal Sets where you terminate to your desired length: $39.95 for 2 wire set $78.95 for 4 wire set.
All Taylor/Sumax spark plug wires are 100% made in U.S.A..