Wake Up Your Bike… Put some Fire in the Hole!

New Thundervolt50 8.2mm Sumax Taylor Spark Plug Wires unload spark plugs for easier starts. Spark plug wire core technology has always fired intermittently resulting in carboned plugs. New Taylor core technology has a constant spark that cleans your plugs while you ride. You get a stronger running motor with better gas mileage (averaging 3 mpg).


Harley Davidson Spark Plug Wires

Best Spark Plug Wire you can get!

Core resistance is at 50 ohms per foot making them compatible with all OEM and a majority of after market electronic ignitions. Custom fit sets are available for all Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Universal sets come standard with 24″ leads, coil boots and terminals. Colors: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple and Blue! Suggested retail per set is $39.95. Available for all new Milwaukee 8 Models in 4 wire sets $78.95! Choose your set and order today!