Victory® ThunderVolt 8.2MM High Performance Spark Plug Wires (Kit) All Year Models


These are the absolute Best Spark Plug Wires your money can buy! All wires fire intermittently no matter what coil or ignition you may have. That is why you see carbon on your plugs. ThunderVolts with 40 ohms of resistance, have a solid stream of fire power resulting in more horsepower and more mileage. Your bike will start and run better than ever before! They are compatible with Victory® ignition systems.

  • 40 Ohm/ft. Ferrite Spiral-Wound coated core blend of exclusive copper/nickel alloy bonded by a conductive acrylic cover.
  • Taylor’s Ferrite Sprial-Wound core provides low resistance for optimum RFI and EMI suppression and is compatible with most Ignition Systems and electronic components.
  • 100% Zimplex Silicone 2-layer Outer Jacket for added Heat Protection up to 600º F, extending wire life and performance.
  • DYNO Tested to outperform the competition in Spark Energy, Horsepower Increases and Significant Torque Gains.
  • Smoother Idle and Improved Fuel Economy.
  • Custom-Fit Sets available in Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple and Blue colors.
  • 600º Silicone PRO COMP PLUG BOOTS feature vibration proof double spring locking terminals.

100% Made in USA

Sumax Cycle Products, your source of best aftermarket spark plug wires for motorcycles, we sell quality, durability, and reliable products. If your spark plug wires or battery cables ever break down, simply return them to us. We will replace them at no charge. We stand by our products for a lifetime.

As of August 31, 2018, we are Prop 65 compliant.

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