Rubbermount Softail Sportsters

Harley Davidson® never made such a motorcycle, but we did!


Back in the 1990’s we were making rubber mount frames for Sportsters and Big Twins.  This would almost eliminate the vibration Harley’s were know for. Kirk made four different motorcycles with four different looks. Each one would show off our Mono Chromatic look with our Custom Powder Coating. Never before had the engines matched the color of the frame and sheet metal. Add a set of our colored Taylor Spark Plug Wires to continue the look.

Powder coating New Hartford

Red n’ Black Racer

Powder coating New Hartford

Crimson Red TT Racer


Engravers Bike

The baby blue Fat Boy looking bike blew everyone away in Daytona. This was followed by the Engraver’s bike featuring hand Engraving with silver leaf in the paint. The TT racer looked for something to compete in the Isle of Mann. The Red ‘n Black Racer was ready to blow everything away on the street. As with all of the bikes Kirk built, the motors were anything but stock. They all looked very cool and sounded very nasty.

In future blogs we will detail more on each of Kirk’s rides. Ride Safe and enjoy the Wind Therapy!