Sumax Racing Heritage

Before Kirk started Sumax 35 years ago he freelanced as a photo journalist for several magazines: Hot Bike, Street Chopper, Super Cycle, Iron Horse and Easyriders. Many the events he covered were devoted to racing. He was able to meet and become good friends with many of the racers. Taylor was well known in the Automotive Racing Field for their spark plug wires.

Motorcycle racing spark plug wires

Jim McClure Top Fuel Champion 19 times

Kirk took this technology and adapted to motorcycles. Ray Motes, then CEO of Taylor, had been a National Champion Top Fuel Drag Racers for several years. He developed the new core in the Thundervolt 50 wires which created more horsepower and torque and miles per gallon. Many of our Racing Friends went on to set world records, many of which still stand today. A few of the notables are Jim McClure Top Fuel Champion 19 times, Angelle Sampey Pro Stock Champion with over 100 wins, and Easyriders Bonneville Record for Fastest Motorcyle in History.

Motorcycle racing spark plug wires

Angelle Sampey Pro Stock Champion

All our Taylor Spark plug wires and Battery Cables are made here in the U S A.. Our technology compared to your stock wires from China is far Superior and the looks don’t even compare. You have a lot of money invested in your bike. Put something exciting that actually works between your legs!


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